All right. This is the 'cover your ass' portion of our little page. Useless to the general populace, but necessary for the peace of mind of this web mistress.

NONE of the characters appearing on this website belong to me. Dick and Babs belong to DC as do many of the other recognizable characters. Random unrecognizables, or original characters belong to their authors. Other recognizable people that DON'T belong to DC belong to whatever publishing house that owns them. I, nor any of the authors posted on this site, are making any sort of money from the use of these lovelies. They are returned, nicely, when we're done. The only noticeable difference is slight wearing around the edges and the occasional burst of tears or stupid, joyous grin. Also, any and all graphics on this page belong to their place of publishing or their artists. I am merely using them for the sake of illustration and am, again, not making any kind of money what so ever.

Okay, now that that's over, you can continue on back to the more interesting, fun stuff. Remember, our authors like feedback. Heck, a good percentage of 'em are feedback-ho's. Write 'em a note. Tell 'em how much you love 'em. Why? Well... they tend to write more if you do. ;)

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