I am easily amused.

This is pretty much the credo of any and everything I do.  Why do you care?  Well, in my vast amusements, I run into things that just are pointless, fun, or dumb.  Sometimes (if the Karma is lined just right) they're all three.  Well, this is the page where I'm gonna dump things that have caught my attention and are Babs/Dick related. Or not.

Have fun!

Songs - These, my friends, are song lyrics that remind me of Babs and Dick.  Take a gander.  You might find the words to a song you don't know, or can't understand when you listen to it.  :)

Bermuda: The Credo - Every talk to me and wonder what my obsession with Bermuda is?  Take a look and find out.  

Pictures - This page is off of the this site's graphic-heavier sister. This is a warning to y'all who want to see the happy-pretty Babs and Dick piccies. It is EXTREMELY Graphic-heavy. You have been warned.

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