Craptastic Icons

Mmmm. So.

As you can tell by the existence of this website, I've been rather possessed with the 'making journal icons' demon. Yes, it sucks and I'm trying to get help.

Still, I find it strangely addictive. And because the people I've pawned them on say they're 'really cool!', I decided that I needed a place to stash them where everyone could gawk and/or ask me to make.

So. If you want one of these, nab it and use it forever and ever amen. Everything's shareable, so if you see someone else using it too? Eh.

Peace out, kids.


*I own none of the images used to make these icons. They aren't mine and come from a very large group of sources. I don't own them, I don't claim them, I just use them to illustrate my life.