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Site Info:
Owned by A.j. Paid for by A.j. Blame taken by A.j. Clear?

Site disclaimer:
I am not making money from anything on this webpage. All recognizable characters or images belong to the original company/creator/artist. Most information on this page is posted without specified permission, and I will comply with any cease and desist order issued. I'm only a fan trying to give the characters I love free advertising.

Other micellaneous info/questions:
The following is a very short FAQ that may be added to at later date.

Q: I thought this was a Bat Family site?

A: It still is. The whole reason I bought this webspace (which I pay for out of my own pocket, thank you very much) was to house my growing number of Bat Family fanfiction archives with my personal site tacked on as something of an after thought. I've just added on.

Q: Why are you suddenly hosting other sites?

A: Because my wonderful host provider, upped my space allotment, and my bandwidth. I had a friend who needed free webspace because all the free servers are either 1.) going away or 2.) being complete jerks with the popups.

Q: Can will you host my website?

A: No. I'm offering space to people I know. No offense, but I don't know you from jack. I know Timey. I've known her for years. I also know she'll only hack me if she's pissed, and if I get her that pissed, I deserve it. Sorry, them's the breaks.

Q: Didn't you used to have link pages on all the Bat Family archives? How come they're just on your persoanal site and the main hub page now? And one off the main site?

A: Yes. But all of them were a pain to maintain. If you want to find something, there's this lovely search engine called "Google". You may have heard of it. ::/lazy::

Q: Will you link to my site?

A: No.

Q: Where the hell did you go!?

A: We'll call it two and a half years of apathy. Of my job, of the Bat Clan itself and of coding HTML. I'm lazy, okay! I'm sorry!


A: Probably not. I'm a bloody ferrett and proud of it.

Q: Is there anything I can do to help you not be a lazy cow?

A: Email me and tell me you miss me? Guilt actually works fairly well.

Q: Seriously, what are you doing that's taking up so much time? What, have you got a life or something?

A: Ahaha, no. Mostly, I'm just lazy. And suck. I kind of just generally read, go to work, walk around, and hang out with my friends. Really, I have no excuse.

Q: And your web design hasn't improved much, huh?

A: Shut up. I don't have to take this! *huffs off*