by Syl Francis,Terri Hayes, and Recceana Valourwynne

The Stories:


Dinah is stunned by the news of Ollie's death. A special friend offers her his own unique brand of comfort.

Someone To Watch Over Me

While on a mission in an eastern European country, Black Canary is taken prisoner. Batman and Nightwing immediately launch a rescue mission.

La Vida Loca by Terri Hayes

When the son of an old friend of Oracle's is kidnapped, Black Canary comes to the rescue. Fearing for her safety, Batman leaves Gotham to assist her. The resulting fireworks put a strain on their burgeoning relationship.

That Don't Impress Me Much

On a mission in Cannes, Dinah meets up with an unexpected friend.

Asking by Recceana Valourwynne

Batman and Arsenal have a discussion concerning Dinah.