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Tan, Thomas - Life Lessons
Category: Angst/Romance Archived: 4/5/02
Rating: PG   Continuity: Comic
Summary: Sometimes life gets complicated and we need to seek the knowledge of our elders. Thing is, they sometimes need just as much help.
Archivist's Comments: This is probably one of the best explorations of the parallels between the Babs/Dick and Tim/Cass relationships. A definite read. :)
April 2002's Story Of The Month.

Valourawynne, Recceanna - The Way You Move
Category: Poetry Archived: 1/31/02
Rating: PG   Continuity: Comic
Summary: Reflections on emotion... and communication.
Archivist's Comments: *sniff* This is so sweet. I LOVE it.
July 2002's Story Of The Month.

Winter Sonata - Waking the Dead
Category: Angst/Vignette Archived: 10/5/02
Rating: PG-13   Continuity: AU
Summary: Dick and Babs change their lives in a very significant way while Bruce comes to terms with a long-ago tragedy.
Archivist's Comments: Interestingly done character piece that does a good job of letting the reader get to know the whole clan.

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