The Peach Tree

Yeah, so this is me getting lazy and sick of my old layout and not wanting to bother to do something aesthetically pleasing. Or complex.

So text it is.

Fan Fiction - My fic. Stuff that spans the last eight years and counting. Yeah, I had no idea I'd be doing this either. Updated 2/17/08.

My Fandom Journal - Basically my most-often updated journal.

My Journal - Personal life-type stuff. My actual current-day-to-day life in words. Yeah, it really is that boring. And never updated anymore.

My History - A.j.-backstory. Sporatically updated. And by 'sporatically' I mean 'not since 2003'.

Fic Rec Bitch - My fan fic recommendations. Old and new.

Because I lied about the text.

Contact me at that email.