Battlestar Galactica:

Thirty Kisses Billy Keikeya May or May Not Have Given Or Recieved - Thirty seperate ficlets in which Billy gets kissed. (Billy/Various.)
Bella - He realizes she's beautiful. Of course she's beautiful. (Adama/Roslin)
Black Market - His mother never told him there'd be years like this. (Billy, humor.)
Dance - A moment in time. (Adama, Roslin, Colonial Day.)
Fallout Boy - Five things that never happened to Billy Keikeya. (Pre- and post- Sacrifice.)
Good For What Ails - Five moments in the relationship of Billy Keikeya and Laura Roslin, as linked by tea. (Billy and Laura. Set prior to Sacrifices.)
In Absentia - Five times someone thought of Billy Keikeya. (Post-Sacrifice.)
Litany - What might have been a goodbye. (Billy, Laura. Set prior to and post Sacrifices.)
Loose End - During the flashbacks in Unfinished Business Billy and Lee have a chat. (Billy, Lee, AU.)
Intermezzo - Life in a hospital ward. (Adama, Roslin)
Missing - You don't know what you'll miss most until it's gone. (Starbuck.)
Of the Moment - Roslin and Adama discuss Billy. (Post-Sacrifice ficlet.)
Penultimate - Beginnings mean nothing without endings. (Adama/Roslin)
Political Animal - Roslin finds out Baltar is running. (Roslin, Billy, ficlet.)
Prelude - Home-insert. And we begin. (Adama, Roslin.)
Prose - He almost wishes this were a book and that when they're finished, he could open it to read and live all again. (Adama, Roslin)
Stratify - Here. Later. Now. A relationship in three parts. (Adama, Roslin.)
Stuck in Lodi - Mom and Dad get drunk and stoned. (Fluff, ficlet.)
Stumbling A Little - Everyone dies alone. (Roslin, post-Sacrifice.)