DC Comics:

The Academics of Blue - Current-canon Robin and Batgirl bond during a stake-out.
A Conversation On Gotham - Josh and Donna have an opinion on the hearings about Gotham City. (West Wing/Bat Family crossover. Ficlet, AU.)
Firsts - Shortly after becoming Batgirl, Barbara Gordon meets her new physician.
Good Deeds - Tim Drake encounters the DC Universe's other most-shatupon person. And he gets a job.
I Feel - Remembrance. Oracle.
In Memorium - Set during Smitty's story Coming Home, Barbara Gordon remembers someone and acknowledges that things don't always go as planned.
Move On - Jim Gordon, two years later. (Post-resignation ficlet.)
Paradise - How did BTAS!Bruce and BTAS!Babs end up dating anyway? (Ficlet.)
Shifting - Dinah Lance has been having an affair with Bruce Wayne. Why is that? (Spudverse POV.)
Tuesday - Dick loves Tuesday's. Babs/Dick fluff.
Walls - Batman and Bruce Wayne share one body. But who's really in control?