Hello! The following are stories that I have found particularly amazing. They are actually in no order (save chronological) and are numbered more for reference than anything else. They are mostly all romantic (in a way), so be warned that they probably have some graphic content. They are also linked back to the home site where they are archived. I encourage you to drop the authors a line, if you like them, and worship at their feet for a few minutes. It's good for their work ethic. ;)

1. The Sound of Windchimes - by Sarah Stegall
This story is one of the first X-Files stories I ever read. It is NC-17 and deals with some pretty harsh topics. It's also a fairly long story, bottoming out at 129K. However, this is a haunting, WELL WRITTEN tale that makes me sudder, even now, every time I hear wind chimes. (129K)

(Even as he approached, a breeze swept them all into a musical jangle. His reaction was incendiary: before he could stop himself he screamed and threw himself off the sidewalk, rolling until he came to a stop against a tree, hunched and shivering.)

2. Communication - by Wintersong
Remember Detour? Y'know, mothmen and "Jerimiah Was a Bullfrog"? Right. Well, this is Moose and Squirrel building the tower of furniture, only with competance. (20K)

(I had to smother a laugh at the last item Agent Mulder sent up to his partner. Using a pencil and scotch tape he had fashioned a tiny little flag from his conference badge. Hutchins swore that she smiled when she put it in place. )

3. Oracle and Nightwing - Jody Revonson
This is the first, and best Babs/Dick smutfic I ever read. The thing I like best about it is that there is a plot. Another thing I like is that the author makes a real effort to NOT ignore Babs' handicap. Kudos and much joy. (79k)

(She felt as if she were in free-fall, dropping down through a black chasm only to rise up again and again, gasping for oxygen, dizzy with the sensation.)

4. Friendship - Melinda Dawney
HA! This is the the thing that hoodwinked me into the Willow/Angel mindset. It's a long one, but well written. Thirty-six parts including Epilogue. Also, follow the links on the page and read the sequals. They're fun too. (600+K)

(Willow whacked him again, kept whacking him until she forced him to retreat almost into the street. Angel protected himself from her blows as best he could while doubled over, helpless, with laughter.)

5. The Shi'Ar Coffee Story - Alicia McKenzie
I could NOT stop giggling after reading this. I will say, here and now, this is one of the funniest things I have ever read. It's a Cable/XMen story, but trust me, you don't have to know the genres to get a giggle out of this classic. (32K)

("I mean, I wouldn't want X-Force to think they'd gotten out of a practice session just because I've accidentally poisoned myself.")

6. Iolokus IV - Res Judicata - by MustangSally and RivkaT
Yes, it is suggested you read the rest of the series. I haven't nor do I plan to. This last chapter is awash with interesting interactions between Mulder, Scully, Scully's family members, and the Syndicate. Very fun, very strange. Very painful. (140K)

("I'm sorry, was I supposed to confess undying love or something?" "If it's not too much of a problem.")

7. Misery Loves Company - by Anya
This is officially, the first Willow/Angel fic out there. It's totally neat and an enjoyable little outing into the 'what if' for any and all Buffy lover. (10 parts)

(The afternoon sun, and her tired state of being didn't mesh well. As a result, stepping out of the school and into the afternoon air made her squint. The shades she had used to hide the tell-tale signs of her wild weekend were not employed to let her open her eyes enough to see which way she was walking.)

8. The Romantic Machinations... - by Anonymous
This story had me laughing so hard I nearly wet myself. Yes, that is a recommendation. Actually, this was an amazingly sweet story that had me guessing about Cass and Tim until the VERY last minute. It totally rulz! ;) (82k)

("Hi, Aquaman. Oracle here." "Greetings, Oracle. Is there something you need assistance with?" "Um, actually I was wondering how things were going down there." Pause. "Really?")

9. My Girl - Syl Francis
Okay, I've loved Dick and Babs (from DC fame) forever. This is the first actual fanfic I read based on them and it's just darn cute. Not too long (33K,) it's a good read and completely sweet. (33k)

("Well, she does . . . and she's a gymnast . . . and she knows how to tie up crooks with their own jackets and what wires to pull to disable their getaway vehicles. She's really special, Bruce. You think she'll marry me?" )

10. The Magician - Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaff
Omigod. This has to be THE best fantasy series of books ever written! Yes, it's X-Files, and no, I'm not kidding when I say 'books'. Each book is huge (between 300 and 700K) but beautifully done.

11. Fools Who Roam - Lucy
For the longest time I didn't read much dueSouth fic because the majority of it was slash. I have nothing against slash, I'm just ont a huge fan. When I did start reading it, I discovered there was a Meg/Ben following (they amuse me. It's just sick, but 2nd season Meg [pre-psycho-hosebeast] was just a kick.) However, a vast portion of the fic was either dumb, or completely implausible. This one changed my mind. It's beautifully written and can *definitely* take place in cannon because it starts up after cannon ends. Please read it. (17k) (Note: Story is archived WITHOUT permission. The email address attached to this story on the dueSouth archive does not work. If you know the author, please have her email me!)

(Ben tried to stand, tried to speak, tried to breath but he was suddenly struck with the overwhelming *rememberance* of her. A tidal wave of images and sensations inundated him until he feared he would lose consciousness. )

12. Ranma and Akane: A Love Story - by Eric Hallstrom
Okay, I want to let you know straight out that this story is unfinished. Why is it here then? Well, the only reason I can give is that this story just completely and totally blew my mind. It is that fantastic. Ranma and Akane, as portrayed in this, are more than they ever could have been in the manga. So, so much more, and lord above is it neat. And LONG. (764+k)

(The beginning happens first and the end follows in due time. The past becomes the future, through the medium of the present. )

13. Carnac Obsessions - XFBandit
Dear GOD is this a giggle! It's not angsty, it's not long, it's just darn cute. This is a fun little vingette from Scully's point of view. There is no real plot, it's just the internal dialogue that makes this so freaking FUN! READ IT! (17k)

(There are some things you don't do with your partner under any circumstances, no matter how dire the situation, no matter what the threat to life, limb or liberty. And kissing him is about six of them. )

14. Letting Go - Danell Lites
Told entirely from Babs's POV, this is an exploration of what would happen if/when Bruce Wayne died. I was completely blown away by this. It's a GREAT Dick Grayson story and not too long either. (57K)

15. The Generations Series - MacSpooky and various other authors
This a sweet, interesting series. It's a Mulder/Scully romance series that covers their adventures in falling in love, getting engaged, getting married, and parenthood. Trust me, this isn't just soppy junk, there is action, adventure, mystery, romance, and suspense. However, the series is HUGE and the smallest specific part is about 21K.

16. A Day In Her Life - by Lynne Leeper
This is just adorable. It's an Earth2 story, so it's fairly old, but every time I think if it, I smile. It's broken into 3 parts, but is a pretty fast read.
Note: This story is archived without permission. I cannot get in touch with the author. If anyone has her valid email address, please email me.

("You didn't go and get hurt on purpose, John. Accidents happen.")

17. Something Borrowed, Something Blue - by Anonymous
Wheeee! I love this story because not only is it funny, but it also lets the character played by He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named stretch and be decent. Plus, there's handmaidens. Hee. Also, it's a nice look at the characters we really weren't allowed to get to know in TPM. (285K)

(Obi-Wan's brain felt fuzzy when he woke up. Something was wrong, his Jedi senses kept telling him.
Right, Obi-Wan replied. There's no coffee.
No, that's not it, the Jedi senses replied. Look around you.
Everything's fine, where's the coffee? Obi-Wan thought back.

18. The Very Secret Diaries of... - Cassandra-Claire
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *snigger* Start at the bottom. Funny. Funny. Heee! (Fellowship of the Ring)

(Still not king yet.)

19. The Elsewhere - by Morgan
This story is just downright amazing. It's got everything I love about fic: romance, interdimensional travel, yards of velvet... Heh. Anyway, this is a really masterfully done A/U story. (200+K)

20. Circle of Healing - by Eretria
Ack! This story is just downright neat. It is also one of the VERY few translated stories that been able to enjoy. In fact, this story's main appeal is in its ability to draw forth emotion. Be warned, this story almost glows. Deeply amazing, and WELL worth the read. (362+K)

21. You Can Still Be Free - by Sandra
How can I describe this story? Howabout "unbelievably beautiful"? "Poetic, thoughtful, art on paper"? The description and language in this is downright gorgeous. Please read this. You won't be sorry. Even if it IS Scott/Rogue... (40+k)

(Minutes later, she is breathing normally once again, snuggled into his arms. He hasn't found it. Neither the comfort, nor the passion. But it's probably his fault anyway.)

22. Twists in the Road - by Emilyluvsroswell
If you've visited the author's recommendation, you've seen this name before. This story, a Season 1 Roswell fic, isn't part of her more extensive "Destiny"-revision series. Instead, this is a sweet story that gives viewers a world without destiny. A world where everyday problems can, occasionally, take precidence over the amazing. (92K)

(But I am also this other person. A person who keeps secrets, who sometimes doesnít come home at night, who is constantly on her guard, yet frequently doesnít notice when someone speaks to her. I feel people watching me and I wonder if they suspect, if they know, that I am really two people. That girl with the plan, and this other Liz, who doesnít look forward and doesnít look back - trying desperately to hold onto the moment.)

23. Tiger's Claw - by Madamhydra
So, isn't it strange how the Ranma 1/2 stories are always unfinished? Strange that. This one is no exception, but like the previously mentioned Ranma and Akane, this is totally worth the mention. Madamhydra takes the characters presented by the manga and happily tosses them into a very serious situation. (549+k)

(He suddenly snapped his head around. Now he was staring at HER. She flinched when she saw the fresh blood smeared on his face and the fierce, predatory gleam in his blue-gray eyes.)

24. Unlikely Allies - by Heather DeLong
Oh, man. I actually am a pretty big fan of crossover stories. My only problem is that not many of them are done well. This little X-Files/Tom Clancy jaunt is not only done well, it's done believably. Very much worth your time and hugely fun. (77k)

25. Gilead - Amy Vincent
What can I say about this? It is another X-Files story, but with something of a twist. Not exactly a crossover because none of The Handmaid's Tale characters were overtly used, this is more of a 'what if' type of universe crossover. If you have not read The Handmaid's Tale, do so, but it is not necessary to understand this story. (61K)

26. Veracity - by Tasyfa
I was seriously dissapointed with how Roswell's second season ended. I felt betrayed by cheap decisions and turns the writers forced all of the characters into. Tess's entire character (who they worked like hell to make me LIKE... and I DID) was ripped up and tossed out, Alex DIED, and Max (who I adore for no reason whatsoever having to do with his abs. Really.) went completely insane. Tas felt just about the way I do. But she, in all her coolness wrote THIS fantastic tag to "Departure". It's real, it's beautifully written, and best of all... it leaves you with a sense of hope that was just absent after the season final. (~200K)

(The words echoed in the mountain air. Air that was too still for what had just happened, in spite of the stiff breeze. Liz felt as if there should be a gale force wind whipping at them all as the weight of reality settled in.)

27. The Ghosts of Christmas Past - by Chicago
When I first read this story, sometime around Christmas of 2000, I nearly fell out of my chair. This was the first long, ambitious piece of fanfiction Chicago published, and Yowza what a winner. This story even won the contest I hosted through Birds of a Feather, and I was totally unsurprised. (No, I didn't weight the judging in its favor. It won on its own merits, THANK YOU.) This story just breathes with emotion and reality. I love it and totally encourage you to devour it now. (201K)

(He turned away to hide his own suddenly tearing eyes, and his gaze rested on the scene outside the window of the Manor. After a moment, his mind registered what he was seeing. "Hey, it's snowing!" he exclaimed.)

28. Chalice - by Alicia McKenzie
Ahhh... Ali originally wrote this for a challenge. It's done in a style that's rarely used by fic writers and all the more effective because of it. This story has just haunted me for years. And the best part? I'm still not sure why. (20k)

(You watch the fire die, until it lights only a dwindling half- circle around the hearth, leaving the rest of the hall in shadow. Through the waxed linen covering the narrow windows, the moonlight does reach you, but it is a pale, cold light, an icy glow that only emphasizes the silence, the sense of loneliness about the hall.)

29. Spin - Incognito
I first read this story after the author finished it. I want to thank my lucky stars that this was so because it was such an intense, fast-paced read that I would have shot someone if I couldn't have finished it. The writing style is so addictive and impacting that I literally cried during stretches of this. It's just so real and facinating and ... GAH! Read it. You won't be sorry. (Roswell, and 150+K)

(Lots of things spin. Wheels spin on a car. Lives spin out of control.)

30. Mind Game - Bennie
This story is at turns disturbing, traumatic, and hopeful. It is an insane combination that is so believably in canon post "The End of the World" in Roswell's second season. This is another story that I find myself thinking about at really weird times and shivering in response. (23K)

(I felt like a child in his first life span again, rapt at the images and sensations rushing through me. I watched as she played as a child, cried over petty hurts and imagined insults, giggled over something sickeningly sweet with an equally giddy blonde girl and sometimes a dark-haired boy.)

31. Future Pluperfect - Domenika Marizone
Do you want plot? Mystery? Suspense? A cast of 20+ that is not only well-written, but funny, sad, stupid, and confusing? Yen for X-Men fic that makes you get INVOLVED? Well, read this! Nika does a fantastic job of juggling the ENTIRE X-Cast and making them believable. I wanted to hug the stuffing out of her for this... and I think I just might. (400+k)

32. Scar Tissue - Zahra
Now to explain my deep and abiding attachment to this story, you must realize that I am a huge Gomez ho. So when she used a line out of my favorite song as a summary (and an ACCURATE one at that) I was intrigued. And when I read the story and had to physically stop myself from sobbing, I was convinced this girl had major talent. It's a sad little bit of a thing that lets the characters take a deep breath... and be flawed. Who knew Smallville could be this deep? (~10-15k)

(Her doctor says that if she uses the cocoa butter every night the marks will fade until no one will know they're there. But Chloe will know. Chloe will always know.)

33. Gehenna - Maayan
This story is just beautiful angst on a stick. I don't have many Farscape recs on this page, and that's mostly because about 95% of the readable fic is mostly mediocre to okay. This... This story has just STAYED with me. The character's pain is palpable and you'll find yourself, at odd moments, being horridly sad... just for them. (40+k)

(She's allowed to remember, as long as she never asks the same of him.)

34. Inhale - Te
Is there such a thing as REALLY good porn? Yes. This is it. Te's language and imagery in this are just fantastic. I love Clark in this. He's a scream and Chloe? HA! Funny and hot, a true little jem. (Smallville - 35+k)

(And there was no way she wouldn't notice if he asked to just stick his head under her sweater for a while.)

35. Some Dreams Must End - Ali Cherry
Truth be told, I'm not really that much of a JAG-fic fan. Some's good, sure. And I need to get my Harm/Mac fix SOMEWHERE (which is really ironic because I was a huge Harm/Meg fan back in the day.) But occasionally, I'm really pleasantly surprised. This is the third story in a series, and it shows. Ali's style changed for the better along the way, and this little realistic future is a joy to behold. The characters are facinating and well written. Totally worth the price of admission. (154k)

(She watched his face quietly, his mouth hung slightly open drool slowly pooling on the pillow beneath his head. Lines criss-crossed his face, like the lines on a map.)

36. SHIFT.perspective - Te
OMIGOD! If you don't like threesome porn, stop here. If you don't like Smallville threesome porn, run faster. If you do (or are at *all* vaguely intrigued), READ THIS RIGHT NOW! It is so friggin hot, I about blushed myself purple. Te's got style, imagination... and three really pretty people to play with. (~35k)

(Hell, it could be the fact that she's *here*, instead of explaining very calmly and adultly to Lex that she had no intention of being his personal Closet Door to get to Clark, or hitting Clark repeatedly in the head until... well, until she got tired, really. But, well...
She's also not insane.

37. Leadbelly - Kate Cleaver
Well, I've gone and found me another serious amusement. Thankfully, within fifteen minutes of realizing "Hey... Cowboy Bebop has fic... right?", I found this beautiful, wonderful story that steps off Session 26 with a bang and just doesn't let you go. The whole gang's here, and oh, lord do they just jump off the page. Oh, one more thing. The story continues here. Warning: Story is spoiler-based. (194+K)

(She shot the gun like she was ringing a bell. Look at me. I donít want you to go.)

38. It's Right There... - Ann
Holy bejezus. I totally forgot to mention this story and I officially suck. I am a massive Luke/Lorelai fan of Gilmore Girls persuasion and this novel is, hands down, the best single work of GG fic out there. It's witty, vivid, and did I mention, BUTT-ASS LONG!? (1,100+k... No, I'm *not* joking.)

39. Too Many Generals - JoJo
*dies* I really can't tell you how hard this story made me laugh. Mostly because I was repressing the giggle-urge because I was reading it at work. BAD IDEA. Be somewhere you can laugh out loud when you read this totally amusing Stargate Sam/Jack fic. (102k)

(She sighed ever so slightly. The corner of his mouth turned up just a little. Sam parted her lips, she saw his eyes dart down to look at her mouth, and, mischievously, Sam slid her tongue between her lips and dabbed at first her bottom lip, then her top.)

40. The Morning After The Night Before - AnxietyGrrl
Did y'all know that for awhile there, I gave up reading GG fanfic? S'truth. I honestly don't care one way or another if Rory picks Tristan, Dean, Jess, or Bootsie. Okay, that'd be gross. My point is, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Java Junkie and like my fic with twelve or so helpings of Luke and Lorelai being sweet. This? It pulls it off! Yay! Plus, the style is fairly experimental. (~30k)

("Oh, shut up and take off your pants.")

41. The Calendar - SuzVoy
Ouch. Okay, generally speaking, I don't really recommend Death Fic. It's usually sappy, or heart-wrending, or crap. This... oh, is this different. I wasn't bawling, I wasn't annoyed. No, this story actually managed to skip past all the normal Death Fic cliche's and kick me hard in the stomach. It's uncomfortable, in the way grief often is, but so SO amazingly well done. (~20k, Stargate)

(It didn't help any. Even when he was finished, he was still hungry.)

42. What Lies Beneath - Alli Snow
Well, isn't this a kick to the head. No, it really is. I actually read this not too far into my Stargate-obsession daze. I had a vague clue about the episode it was based on (kinda), but that didn't really matter. What *did* matter was the raw emotion behind this. It hurts, but in the same instance, it sucks you in. (413k)

("I'll see you Monday, sir."
"See you Monday."

43. Pound of Flesh - sangga
Okay, so this isn't my normal faire. I don't read L&O: Criminal Intent fic. I don't usually even read L&O fic at all, but I like sangga, and this story really did a wonderful job of letting me know these characters. It's different, and just a bit bitter, but my is it a read. (~20k)

(It's not ESP. Just good solid detective work, good process, combined with that insight that Bobby has. That knack he's gifted with - getting into people's heads. He gets that concentration, that dreamy look ... She'll glance up from a case-file to see him gazing off into the ether, and then he'll talk it out, a trickled murmur that builds momentum gradually and he'll catch her eye as it all begins to make sense and he'll know.)

44. Night Visitor - Mnemosyne
Mmmmm. Darien/Claire porn. There is so not enough of this online, but if Mnemosyne's stuff is any judge that's probably best because no one would ever get any work done. They'd all just sit and drool. Hee! Anyway, nice solid plot-ish stuff along with some happy visuals. Add to that mentals of nekkid Vincent Ventresca. Het-Invisible Man fic makes me happy! (100+k)

(He said it in dead monotone, as though he were explaining a simple arithmetic problem. It suddenly struck Claire that he must have been thinking about this quite a bit to be so detached. Some small piece of her twinged in sympathy, but she ignored it.)

45. Something I Don't Already Know - Livia
I don't know how it happened, but Livia made me fall in love with Lois again. Which is rather strange as I was already head over feet in love with the girl already. But this is different because she made me fall in love with Smallville Lois. The Lois that has yet to be. Oh, ignore me and just go read the story. (~30k)

(I shiver, and step away from the window, and go to bed. Christ, I wish I were drunker than this. I don't want to remember this.)

46. Clinging Cures - Molly
Again, with the stupid A.j. forgetting to put up a rec for a completely fantasmic story. This thing just sort of grabbed my brain and wouldn't let go. The prose is sheer artistry, and while you may not find a Rogue/Scott (movieverse) story appealing, please suspend your disbelief. It's well done, believable, and so melencholy. Love it, love it, LOVE it. (~30k)

(Once, she looked up into the sun, even though she knew she wasn't supposed to. And afterwards, for what seemed like eternity jammed into a few hours, she saw spots. Glittering black and green spots, hovering over her eyes and branding her view.)

47. Memorex - Nicole Anell
Unadulterated Kyle-angst. I never knew it could be this good or how much I could love it. Normally, I'm a huge shipper, but this? This is beyond that. Roswell has produced some fantastic fic, and this is definitely up there. (15k)

(After about two days, we all stopped talking about you. I'm sure you're still brought up in the secret alien meetings I don't attend anymore, but never in our everyday social gatherings. And when someone does say "Tess", they say it in the tone my grandma used to say "cancer". And everyone drops their voice to the patented Somber Whisper Of Alien Brooding, and eventually the subject is changed. This is appropriate too. See, we're taking a page from your book, erasing our own memories of you.)

48. Sky Blue - Tara O'Shea
The element that really stands out in this story is the imagery. It's Smallville and Chloe-centric, but it's also one of the most vivid and poignant things I've ever come across. It's about growing up and moving on, and how in ways, we never really do either. (~20k)

(I'm standing at the edge of a wheat field that stretches on forever, as far as the eye can see in every direction. In my dreams, the sky above me is so blue, and so close, you feel like you can touch it.)

49. Worlds That Never Were - Priya Deonarain
Don't know why I'm so big on this story. Yeah, it could be that someone finally wrote something that linked the original The First Evil Buffy arc into its current incarnation. Or it could be the nice, solid Giles angst. Mostly, I think, is because it kicked my ass. (~10k)

("Close your eyes," she says, "think of me." And he buys it because he's weary and sick and there's nobody else who could or would care to know now, except for this thing with her face.)

50. The Complication of Pretense - Melissa Flores
I adore this story. Why? Because it takes the Rogue/Logan/Jean/Scott quadrangle and kicks it seven ways from Tuesday, all the while doing a good job of playing nicely with characters who I adore. One of the few X-Movieverse stories that didn't make me want someone dead. (28k)

(She loved seeing this side of him. So happy and carefree, free from the burden of having to act a certain way simply because of who he was, having to be so damn infallible just because he was a leader... just because he had to be when all he really was was a man : a beautiful, masculine man... her lover.)

51. Ain't Afraid to Die - Cassandra
Holy hell, this just blew my head off. Yet another "Spike comes back after Session 26, et al" fic, but one done with major care to the characters. Chapter thirteen just *broke* me into little tiny bits along with pretty much everything else. I really can't recommend this highly enough. Cowboy Bebop fic at its finest. (~100k+)

(And Jet looked at her knowingly, as if she had just proved a point to him. ďMaybe itís not that we donít ask, Faye. Maybe itís that you never tell.Ē)

52. The Road Away From Heartache - Princess Twilite
Mmm, Scott/Rogue. As this author once put it, it is my crack. And as tiny a subfandom category it's amazing at attracting such wonderful, gifted writers. This? This is Scott and it's Rogue, but it's also Bobby and Jean. X-MenMovieverse done so well you can taste it.

(Time moved and the clock ticked, but he didnít hear it. The seconds and minutes passing werenít loud to him. He wasnít running to keep up with them. No, Scott had already fallen back asleep, holding what had been her pillow to his heart.

Goodbye could be a quiet thing.)

53. Absolm - piaffe417
I think this is probably the best Law and Order: Criminal Intent story I've ever read. The emotion in it is real, the case is interesting, and the characterization is fabulous. If I had to recommend one story that really embodied the show? This would totally be it. (100K+)

(She had everything planned out when she was twelve - and then again at eighteen and twenty-five and subsequent years that have followed. She had a plan for her life and a firm idea of how she thought it would be.)

54. Saying It - Little Red
I think this story pretty much embodies Sam and Jack for me. It isn't the flashiest of stories I've ever read, but it's one of the most real in terms of character and emotion. This is Jack and this is Sam and this is them in love. (40K, Stargate)

("You do say it a lot," she added, because her earlier reply felt inadequate on its own. "I was just wondering."

He spoke into her hair. "I mean it a lot.")

55. I Don't Like Mondays - Red
Holy, hell. What can I say about this story other than that it's John Crichton made fanfic. The plot's solid and the character stuff is great, and it's post season 4. All that alone should get it on this list, but the thing that makes this completely extraordinary? The voice. I just can't come up with the words to make you read this fast enough. This is my Farscape, and it's a beauty to behold. (200k+)

("Oh would you just give it up? When have I ever suggested you were anything other than capable? More capable than me? Honey, you are the scariest chick in anybody's universe. Next time, you get to wear the Captain pants, no argument from me.")