Stop, Drop, and Roll - Clark really should have paid attention in kindergarten. (Chloe, Clark, fluff, ficlet.)

For these to make sense, read them in order.

1. Remembrance of One - The world of Superman and that of Clark Kent are entirely separate places. How did they intersect? And who was sacrificed along the way?
2. Sum of Zero - Who was responsible for the events in Remembrance of One? And was it worth it?
3. Things Past - During the Death of Superman arc, Lois Lane meets someone very important, and very unexpected.

Smallville/Superman Returns Crossover:

1. Echoing Street Signs - The fairytale always wins. (Richard/Chloe, R.)
2. Devolution, Act Three - Itís only a risk if you have something left to lose. (Chloe. Richard/Chloe, Chloe/Clark.)
3. Io and Adamanthea - They never asked to be left behind, but then, they never asked to be dragged along either. Not really. (Chloe and Martha.)