Submissions guidlines!

Well, this is the submissions page for Yellow on Black. There are only a few minor rules here, but we take them seriously. Please realize that all rules on this page are subject to change at my whim. The only one set in stone is number one, and for fairly obvious reasons.


1. Bruce and Dinah must BOTH appear in the story. (This is the main rule, guys. It WILL be upheld.) PLEASE note the difference from Birds of a Feather's submission guidelines. Because of the MASSIVE volume of Batman fic out there, I NEED to have this rule upheld.

2. NC-17 submissions are accepted. However, they must be clearly marked and they will carry warnings when posted.

3. All stories are covered under a blanket disclaimer found off the main page.

4. No stories will be posted without the author's permission granted. If a story is sent *to* me at the address, I shall assume permission is given and will post the story. NOTE!! This is different from the email addy posted under the 'email' heading.

5. If you want to submit a story for posting, please send it to the email address listed above. We NEED submissions, folks! Send me stuff! Please! I swear I'll kiss you if I ever meet you. ;)

5a. PLEASE, if you want to submit a story, send it to, NOT That mailbox is for SITE business only. is a Submissions ONLY address. If you want your story on the archive, your best shot is sending it to Clear?

5b. When sending me a story, either cut and paste it directly into the body of the email message or attatch it in a .txt document. I would *PREFER* a text attachment. I'm not picky about documents or .rtf files, but I'd like them in a standard format that is easier for me to html. My computers CANNOT read .mim documents and those will be erased immediately.

5c. PLEASE label your story in the header. If it's for Yellow on Black rather than Birds of a Feather, please let me know this in the title. However, I do cross post many stories. If yours is a story that can be cross-posted, let me know that too. :)

6. Any type of story or poem is welcome as long as it follows the previously stated rules. I'll think twice about filk, but if it's well concieved, I'll post it too. :)

Well, that's it. Pretty easy, no? I'm a pretty easy task-master, so if one or more of these rules must be bent, drop me a line. I'll see what we can do. Now come on! Submit! ;)

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Rules last revised: 11/1/01