The Family Archives V.3

Welcome. This is a hubsite for a fairly varried range of webpages. What's a hub? Well, think of it this way: we're a family of archives. The sites I host will, naturally, have a bit more to do with the info here, but whatever.

Choose your adventure:

B/Side - The collected fan fiction works of B. Cavis. Stargate and Law and Order: Criminal Intent so far, but the sky is the limit.

Birds of a Feather - The oldest and widest archive of Babs/Dick fanfiction on the internet.

Chain Reaction - Maintained by Timesprite, this is by far the best, and most extensive Domino character info page online.

Craptastic Icons - Storehouse of the various and sundry journal icons I've made.

Literati Wannabe - Christi's collected fanfiction works.

Melyanna's Multimedia - The various multimedia works of the lovely Melyanna.

Themed Response - A Robin III/Batgirl II fanfiction archive.

The Peach Tree - My own personal website. Home to my various causes, fan fiction, journal, and mental foibles.

Yellow on Black - Batman. Black Canary. Romance? Only in fanfiction...

Enjoy your trip, and complain here if you hit a pothole.

Peace, kids.