Themed Response: A Tim/Cass archive for the happily deluded.


This is the still relatively new addition to The Family.  Here at Themed Response, we believe in and support a relationship between the Bat Family's two youngest members: Timothy Drake and Cassandra Cain.  (Batgirl and Robin, in case you hadn't noticed the theme or anything.) 

Now, why, you ask, is this particular archive titled Themed Response?  Well, that's because DC's previous Batgirl and Robin (Barbara Gordon and Richard Grayson) kinda sorta fell in love and got together.  And, if Tim and Cass hook up, well...  It's a themed response, ain't it? 

Yes, I think I'm very clever. 

At any rate, this is completely and totally a fan site devoted to the archiving of fan fiction having to do with Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake.  As such, there isn't really much info on them as a couple.  Heck, there isn't even a Cass/Tim fanclub.  To be truthful, we here at TR are actually the black sheep of the DC couple-hood fandoms.  Heck, everybody thinks Tim's scared of Cass.  (But then, aren't most significant others scared of each other?  It's that whole commitment thing.  I mean, wouldn't you be freaked out if you had to spend the rest of your life with someone?  Oh, don't lie.)  Others think they're friends.  Others still think of them as nothing more than siblings. 

Well, we're not here to judge.  We're just here to archive fic with Tim and Cass in it.  So, if nothing else, satisfy your curiosity (morbid or otherwise) and check out our wares.

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Last Updated: 4/10/03