Stargate: Atlantis:

Amble - John and Elizbeth journey home. (J/E, adventure.)
And How - Five times Elizabeth asked John's opinion.
Balcony Scene - Set immediately post-Rising, John and Elizabeth chat.
Because It's Fun - Of course things go wrong. Elizabeth's along for the ride... (Teamfic.)
Breakdown - Five days Elizabeth Weir wishes she could forget.
Dolce Vita - Elizabeth is broken, but that doesn't really matter. (J/E, darkfic, R.)
Drop Stitch - Elizabeth. Knitting. Um.
Fall - Them. This. (J/E, NC-17.)
Four Queens - Poker night with the girls.
Gale Force Winds - "What would you do if Peter turned around?" (J/E, NC-17.)
Gyroscope - Elizabeth really hates Tuesdays. (Lizfic.)
Habits - Liz tries to pull a Janeway, but John won't let her. (J/E friendfic.)
It So Counts - Drunken indescretion #1. (Microfic, J/E)
Kidnapped! - Liz. Chained to a wall. Silliness. (J/E)
Lights Out - "38-Minutes" episode tag. It's 3AM and she can't sleep. (J/E friendfic.)
Like This - Mum never said there'd be days like this. (Beckett/McKay friendishfic. Maybe more.)
A Lot Like Christmas - During a trip back to Earth, John and Elizabeth take in a little holiday cheer. (J/E friendfic.)
Make Believe - How is it, she's the one who ends up in the funky outfits? (J/E friendfic.)
Memory - Elizabeth remembers Earth.
Midnight Showing - John knew it was going to happen, he just didn't think it'd be over bad horror. (J/E and friendship building.)
Noir - Drabblefic in three parts. (J/E)
...of SHAME! - John does something dumb. Must be Thursday. (John, Elizabeth, ficlet.)
Pratfall - Boys are dumb. (Teyla, Elizabeth, ficlet.)
Quiet in the Morning - You never can go home again. (J/E)
Smile Like You Mean It - Elizabeth thought she’d prepared for the eventuality of never coming back from Atlantis. She’s only now beginning to realize that she’d never expected to have to live with the decision. (Elizabeth)
Sometimes It's Not The Space Battles - A medetation on the necessity of fiction. (John, Elizabeth, and more sci-fi.)
Spygate - Special Agents John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir do Tiera Del Fuego. Spy style. (John, Elizabeth, AU and prequel to Turkey, 3AM. Part of the Spygate series.)
The Strange Case of John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir - Temporal hooji thingies don't just happen in the Milky Way galaxy. (John, Elizabeth, and silliness.)
Still Frame - She can't stop screaming. (J/E NC-17.)
String Theory - This is not a love story. (John/Elizabeth, season one.)
Stymied - Less 'love in an elevator' and more 'cranky in a transporter'. (John/Elizabeth, fluff.)
Surprise - John can be annoying. (John, Elizabeth, ficlet.)
Things To Do In Atlantis When You're Drunk - Drunken indescretion #2. (NC-17, J/E)
Turkey, 3 A.M. - She hates the Middle East assignments. (John, Elizabeth, AU. Part of the Spygate series.)
Winter Light - Elizabeth and John spend Christmas with her family. In Michigan. (John/Elizabeth, FLUFF.)