Confusing Story Fragment #1 - A moment out of time. (W/A.)
Dialogue Demon #43 - The future is not what you'd expect. (W/A.)
Gramercy - And she's gone. (W/A, Angst.)
Minutia - When the world's ended, a boy greets a girl. (X, C. Post Buffy series finale.)
Mom - Parental blessings are sometimes rather important. (W/A.)
My Insane Credo - Willow's boyz pre-season 3. Heh.
Music of the Night - Angel's hobby causes a problem. (Slight W/A.)
Story Fragment #2 - Spike. Willow. Angel. This could be a problem. (S/W/A, deathfic.)
Story Fragment #3 - Angel gets out of hell. Whoops. (W, A, friendship.)
Unfinished Post-Becoming Story - Willow, Angel's ghost, and greek gods. Oh, dear. (W/A, unfinished.)