Random fandoms.

Cling - Saskia wasn't in the damn shower. (Red Cap, ficlet.)
Conjugal Visit - They should have done this years ago. Pity they didn't. (Red Cap)
Conversations With An Idiot - Before Redemption, Julia got left alone in the woods, stoned on Terrian DNA. Can we say "bad acid trip?" I knew we could. (Earth 2)
Daystar - Sheppard Book wakes up some time between Objects In Space and the BDM. (Drabble.) (Firefly/Serenity)
Eight - The is the sequal/prequal.  I'm not entirely sure.  Nikita visits someone important. (La Femme Nikita)
Far Behind - He forgets if reality was ever real. (Batou, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, 2nd Gig.)
Five Things That Never Happened To True Danziger - Five lives True Danziger never led. (Earth 2)
Five Years, Nine Days - Devon doesn't know how to do this. (Earth2)
For Tonight - A POV piece from Karen Simms on a painful event. Her reflections on her precinct, her life, and Kermit. (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues)
Gardening For Dummies - He'd made her cry. (Star Trek: Voyager, R)
Gemini Rising - She is new, but not so very different. (Doctor Who, Ninth Doctor)
Gone - Post-Red Storm piece that deals with Rollie's reactions to the events. Not a happy, fluffy piece. (F/X: The Series)
Hang Up - Romance is in short supply at 3A.M. (Veronica Mars)
Hysterical Blindness - She's not who she's become. Not really. (Gilmore Girls)
Insubordinate - Five things Captain Janeway really wishes her crew would stop doing that she can't justify issuing orders about. (Star Trek:Voyager)
Jordan - She wants to feel clean again. (Inara, Firefly)
Just A White Disorder Everywhere - In winter, everything slows down. (Earth 2)
Keeping Track - It starts with one. (NCIS, Abby/Ducky)
Linger - It always comes down to this, Faye left behind. (Cowboy Bebop)
Maybe It Means Nothing - He wishes hed met her in college. (House)
Moment in Time - Hospitals and why. (Judging Amy)
Morning - He misses it. (Earth2)
Necessary Sacrifices - Padme and Anakin alone, at night. (Star Wars)
Never is a Promise - Angie, Rollie, and a bad day. (F/X: The Series)
Not So Much A Lie As an Omission (She Says) - She's better than this. (And that's a lie.) (House)
Notes on a Life - Five things about Amy Grey. (Judging Amy)
On Shoulders Broad - Chiana and Little D have a moment. (Farscape, post-Peacekeeper Wars.)
Parallels - Sort of a choose-your-own-character experiment. Mostly, this was me trying to write something that would be in character for four different fandoms. I think I did okay. (Miscellaneous characters. No, I'm not kidding.)
Road to Perdition - Padme takes a good long think after Anakin destroys her homeworld. Realizations are made and decisions put into action. (Post AOTC and an EXTREME AU. If you like Anakin, you need therapy.) (Star Wars)
Seven - Written during Season 1, this is a little alt-future vignette.  Nikita confronts Madeline after a mishap resulting in Michael's death. (La Femme Nikita)
She Ain't Heavy - Cigarettes, vodka, and water. Happy birthday, Faye. (Cowboy Bebop)
Slip Away - Liz Parker explains herself and why she's done what she's done. (Roswell)
Stairway to Heaven - Padme takes a good long think after Anakin destroys her homeworld. Realizations are made and decicions put into action. (Companion AU to the above story. A slightly different emotional take on the same events.) (Star Wars)
Sunday Afternoon In the Park With Tom - An afternoon jazz concert and a conversation between friends. (The 4400, Diana, Tom)
Sunscreen - Five pieces of advice John Crichton gave his son. (Farscape)
Tense - Companionship, in three parts. (Doctor Who, new series.)
Then Again, No - And were back to the beginning. ( Elliot/Olivia, Law and Order: Special Victimis Unit)
Theory of Density - Always departing, but it never hurt like this before. (Inara, Firefly)
Thoughts of a Warrior - My first real POV story. These are Caitlan's reflections while waiting for her adopted home to be invaded by the Romans. (Roar)
Waffles in Idaho - Ten years on, and he can still piss her off. (The Pretender)
The Weight of Water - Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Cue the epilogue. ( Jarod/Ms. Parker, NC-17, The Pretender)
Whiskey Sour - A hello in a bar. Ficlet. (The Pretender)