Stargate: SG-1:

Because - She's not better than this. (S/Other with underbits of S/J. Also, borderline NC-17.)
Chronology - Jack's life is a house. (Vaguely schmoopy future fic. Jack/Sara, Sam/Jack)

Sam/Jack Fic Award

Chronology - Annotated - A sort of 'dvd-type' commentary on the story. Originally posted on Live Journal, this is the expanded version.
Conscious Thought - Running on a battlefield. (Jack.)
The End - You knew it had to end one way or another. But not like this. (S/Pete, slight S/J. Sequel to Litmus Test.)
Eulogy - Charlie O'Neill, a week in the life. (Pre-Movie.)
Foresight - Jack has none.
Friction - Hand in hand, skin on skin. (S/J, NC-17)
It - They really have to stop doing this. (S/J)
La Petite... - Broken people. (S/J)

Leavetaking - Five times Daniel left the SGC.
Leavings - "And in the early morning light, there was nothing but me alone with the weight." (Sam. Future. Angst.)
Leaky Things - Goodbye, Jack. (Microfic, J/Sara.)
Litmus Test - You've never been good at lying to yourself. You don't want to start now. (S/Pete, S/J, NC-17)
Neverland - Falling asleep in your lab is probably a bad plan. (Sam, ficlet.)
Not Quite Comfort - Vala and Cameron bond. (Vala, Cameron, AU for Flesh and Blood. Ficlet.)
Nothing So Mundane - Eight years and it all comes down to this. (S/J, NC-17.)
Numb - Because there's nothing else. (Daniel/Sarah, NC-17/R.)
On Forgetting - Jack O'Neill forgets Samantha Carter everyday. (S/J)
Same Old, Same Old - Jack did something dumb. It must be Tuesday. (Sam, Jack. Ficlet.)
Schism - The Fight. (AU, 2010 prequel.)

Screen Door - George misses Maggie in the spring. (Papa General Hammond fic.)
Simple - They do keep Jack around for something.
Slate - To begin again, but find exactly what you left. (Slash. Jonas/Jack but implied S/J.)
Suspension - Before New Order, Sam takes a moment for herself. (S/J, S/J ficathon.)
Tao of Pants - Handcuffs are always good for a relationship. (Vala, Cameron, ficlet.)
Wasted Youth - Gardening sheds are keen. (Mini!OTP.)