Amusing stuff!

I am easily amused.

This is pretty much the credo of any and everything I do.  Why do you care?  Well, in my vast amusements, I run into things that just are pointless, fun, or dumb.  Sometimes (if the Karma is lined just right) they're all three.  Well, this is the page where I stick stuff that doesn't necessarily relate to the archive, and is fun to boot. ;)

Have fun!

Bermuda: The Credo - Every talk to me and wonder what my obsession with Bermuda is?  Take a look and find out.  

Bored.Com - Whee! Fun stuff for the bored websurfer!

Bored.Com - Bored with Got an extra 5 minutes? Howabout 40? Well this place has got quizes to occupy that down time. Go. Play.

The Happyface Generation - Okay, this has nothing even remotely to do with DC at ALL. However, if you watch (read: or HAVE watched) Star Trek Voyager, you will giggle yourself sick.

The Clown Squad - This is an online comic book that is just... Well, indescribable works. You need a fairly good computer and Flash 4, which is downloadable at the site, but TRUST me. It's worth it.

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