Law and Order: Criminal Intent:

Abstand - Logan watches Barek. (Ficlet.)
Foul - Alex sees it now.
Maddness in One Act - Goodbye, Bobby. (Deathfic.)
Misfire - One way Barek didn't leave Major Case. (Barek, Eames. Barek/Logan, KIND OF.)
Morning After - They don't do this when they need it. (Bobby/Alex, NC-17.)
Nombre - "Next time, maybe you could call me Robert?" What's in a name.
Offhand Remarks - Itís a forced denouement, but Carolyn has always preferred those. (Barek, Season 5.)
Reality: Best Served Cold - Sometimes, a banana is just a banana. Othertimes, it's not. (Alex, pregnancy, and the enigma of Bobby Goren.)
Ten Seconds - Pas a Deux-insert. Alex in a quiet moment.
Thursday - A bunny. With a waffle on its head.
Waltz - Bobby doesn't like to dream.