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All In The Family - Chicago
Category: Vingette Archived: 12/1/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: Spudverse
Summary: A year after the events in "Coming Home", the Grayson clan gets a new addition.
Archivist's Comments: I love this story. It's pre-August, which makes both stories all the more poignant. Lovely little bit of a thing that makes me smile every time I read it.

And So It Goes... - Smitty
Category: Vingette Archived: 7/1/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: General
Summary: Bruce says goodbye and wonders.
Archivist's Comments: *sniff* Dude, I don't want to hit Bruce now. That's *so* a first.

Arrow Talk - Gaeriel Mallory
Category: Vignette Archived: 4/10/03
Rating: PG   Continuity: Comic
Summary: Someone's getting married, and someone else isn't happy.
Archivist's Comments: I enjoyed this little bit a lot. I generally really like Roy as a character, and this did a good job of getting into his head.

August - Chicago and Smitty
Category: Angst/Adventure/Mystery Archived: 9/2/01
Rating: R   Continuity: Spudverse
Summary: Fate has been kind to Barbara and Dick Grayson of late. But most times, paybacks can be hell...
Archivist's Comments: "Fate cannot be avoided. No fort can withstand it, and no ship can outrun it." HURTS TO READ.
Winner of August 2001's Story Of The Month.

Bat-Babies - Smitty
Category: Humor/Adventure/Romance Archived: 7/11/01
Rating: G   Continuity: Comic
Summary: After Babs and Dick have an especially hairy argument, their future looks bleak. How will true love ever triumph if they won't even talk to each other? Easy, it employs the talents of two very special crimefighters.
Archivist's Comments: OMIGOD! READ THIS NOW! Not only is this too cute for words, but it's sweet too! Plus, Bruce acts like a teenager. ;)

Bat Babies 2: Stocking Stuffers - Smitty
Category: Humor/Vingette Archived: 12/1/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: Comics
Summary: Lil'Batgirl and Lil'Nightwing are back with a vengence, and this time, they must save Christmas! Luckily, they have help.
Archivist's Comments: AAAAAA! BATBABIES!!!! This is *so* incredibly cute! If ya wanna giggle, READ NOW!

Best I've Ever Had..., The - Smitty
Category: Humor/Romance Archived: 7/11/01
Rating: R   Continuity: Comic
Summary: The women of the DC Universe discuss a certain member of their community and the... disasterous effect he has on them.
Archivist's Comments: ::incomprehensible giggling ensues:: !!!!!!!!! Barda is now my hero.
Winner of July 2002's Story Of The Month.

Better Than A Necktie - Smitty
Category: Vingette Archived: 7/1/01
Rating: G   Continuity: Spudverse: Story 3
Summary: Fathers day has always been an interesting one with the Bat Clan. This year's only adds to the madness.
Archivist's Comments: Wheee! I am punch-drunk on the Spudness of this month! GREAT story, very fuzzy, and worth the mental image of Bruce in a smoking jacket. Fancy chicken, indeed... *giggle*

Choices - Anonymous
Category: Adventure/Angst Archived: 5/7/03
Rating: PG-13   Continuity: Comic
Summary: Barbara gets a message that may just change her life. But is it for the better?
Archivist's Comments: Interesting story. I don't always agree with the characterization, but the pacing and the plot kept me reading. Enjoyable read.

Clocktower Arsenal, The - Chicago
Category: Humor/Romance Archived: 4/5/02
Rating: PG-13   Continuity: Spudverse
Summary: Roy and Cass bond over life, soap operas, and sex.
Archivist's Comments: *giggle* You know, Spudverse stuff has the ability to make me cry, think, and giggle all at the same time. This? Mostly giggle. And have I mentioned that Roy just ROCKS?

Come On... It'll Be Fun - Smitty
Category: Adventure Archived: 7/1/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: Spudverse
Summary: Introductions, of sorts, for Dinah Lance go awry when they take place during a Wayne Ball. However, fate is a funny thing in a place where you can't throw a rock without hitting a gunman.
Archivist's Comments: ::falls over giggling mightily:: LOVE THIS! Readreadreadread!

Commuting Is Suck - Chicago
Category: Humor/Romance/Life Archived: 1/31/02
Rating: PG-13   Continuity: Spudverse
Summary: During a particularly bad winter storm, the various and sundry members of the Bat-Clan deal.
Archivist's Comments: ::flaps merrily:: SNOW! WHITHOUT severe angst! And TIM! WITH BART!

Fearsome Things That Prowl at Night - Marcelo
Category: Suspense Archived: 10/5/02
Rating: PG   Continuity: Comic
Summary: Halloween is a scary time, even for Batman and his young squire.
Archivist's Comments: Okay, I don't wanna wreck the surprise, so all I'll say is that this story was just fun.

Final Countdown - Gina Ivy
Category: Adventure Archived: 7/11/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: Comic
Summary: A global disaster, Superman snoring, and R'as Al Ghul. What do these three have in common? The realization that it's ALWAYS the third red button from the left.
Archivist's Comments: Ha! Snarking! Heroes! Dick aiming for competant! Bats BEING competant! Dinah bitching him out! Life is good...
Third Place Winner of KnB's Contest!.

The 'Friends' Series - Syl Francis, Terri Hayes, and Recceanna Valourawynne
Category: Angst/Adventure/Romance Archived: 7/11/01
Rating: PG-13ish   Continuity: Comic
Summary: A series not Babs/Dick centered, but they do appear. This is an exploration of a very interesting dynamic shared between Batman and Black Canary.
Archivist's Comments: Thrillkiller without the Dickdeath! Or Babs in High Heels. Or the cheesy blonde wig. Okay, so it's nothing like Thrillkiller except Canary and Batman have a 'dynamic'. *snicker*
That Don't Impress Me Much is Winner of September 2002's Story Of The Month.

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