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Night At The Roxbury - Smitty
Category: Humor/Angst Archived: 7/1/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: Spudverse: Story 2
Summary: Spud gets introduced to more of his new family. Hilarity, angst, and general family confusion ensues.
Archivist's Comments: Whee! Tim and Cassie show up! I love Tim and Cassie! I love Spud! I LOVE this series! Read it now or I will reach through your moniter and tweak your ear!

Objects In The Rearview Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear - Smitty
Category: Angst/Vingette Archived: 7/1/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: Spudverse
Summary: Bruce exibits a stunning display of disfunctionality. Hello, road to epiphany!
Archivist's Comments: ::happy clapping:: This is a FANTASTIC bit of NECESSARY emotional development for Bruce! Smitty gets the happy skippy award of the month. :)
Winner of June 2002's Story Of The Month.

Ones You Love, The - Anonymous
Category: Angst/Vingette Archived: 7/11/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: Comic
Summary: Love can be complicated, and sometimes, seeing isn't the same as realizing.
Winner of March 2002's Story Of The Month.

Paint - BK
Category: Humor Archived: 7/1/02
Rating: PG   Continuity: Comic
Summary: Dinah helps Babs out of a drippy spot.
Archivist's Comments: I should be shot for that summary, shouldn't I? Oh, well. Cute fluffy story that'll make you snicker.

Public Eye, The - Chicago
Category: Vingette Archived: 7/1/01
Rating: G   Continuity: Comic
Summary: Parties can be fun. Especially when you have 6'7" alien to save your bacon.
Archivist's Comments: Whee! Fluff! ::hugs the stuffing out of Chicago:: Fluff!
Second Place Winner of KnB's Contest!.

Romantic Machinations of Timmy the Elf Who Didn't Want to be a Dentist, and his Faithless Sidekick, Yukon Cassandra, The OR Story in which Dick and Babs are Doomed, A - Anonymous
Category: Humor/Romance Archived: 12/1/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: Comics
Summary: After Babs and Dick have a fight, Tim enlists the help of Cass (Batgirl) to get them back together and SAVE CHRISTMAS!
Archivist's Comments: ::desperately waves the masses towards the story as she tries to catch her breath from laughing. Which doesn't work. Really. She's still laughing::

Shifting - A.j.
Category: Romance/Angst Archived: 8/1/02
Rating: PG   Continuity: Spudverse
Summary: Dinah Lance is having an affair with Bruce Wayne. Why?

Small Potatoes: Coming Home - Smitty
Category: Adventure/Angst/Humor Archived: 7/1/01
Rating: PG-13   Continuity: Spudverse: Story 1!
Summary: The first of Spudverse canon, this is the story of a little boy and an example of how fate has a wicked sense of humor when it comes to the Family.
Archivist's Comments: Okay, if you want even the VAGUEST clue about 9/10ths of Smitty's other stories, READ THIS! Her magnum opus, this story introduces several of the most wonderful, vivid, facinating original characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading. If you want a good read, and the exposition for MANY MORE good reads, hunker down and get comfy, cuz this is a bigge. :)

Small Potatoes: Coming Home Interlude: In Memorium - A.j.
Category: Angst/Vingette Archived: 7/1/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: Spudverse (Interlude!)
Summary: Barbara Gordon says goodbye to someone very special.
Archivist's Comments: Not really a Black Canary/Batman thing (they aren't even mentioned), but it *does* relate to the story it's an interlude for. Catch all that?

Spending the Day Together - Recceanna Valourawynne
Category: Vingette Archived: 7/1/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: General
Summary: Dinah and Bruce... spend the day together. :)
Archivist's Comments: Wheee! Skippiness!
Winner of January 2002's Story Of The Month.

Spin Cycle - Chicago
Category: Humor/Romance Archived: 7/11/01
Rating: R   Continuity: Patatoverse!
Summary: The Birds of Prey are at the recieving end of a cunning plot that results in some darn fun activities.
Archivist's Comments: !!!!!!! Exclusive to The Family, we have this utterly fantastic fic from Chicago! Can we say 'bitchin'? I knew you could! READ THIS!!!!
Winner of May 2002's Story Of The Month.

Strange Behavior - Debbie & Rick
Category: Angst/Adventure/Suspense Archived: 7/1/02
Rating: PG-13   Continuity: Comic
Summary: A reaction to Batman #600, the entire BatFamily pulls it together to give Bruce on big, collective kick in the fanny. Also, the Bruce Wayne: Murder plotline is wrapped up into one nice, neat little ball.
Archivist's Comments: Hee! This is just insanely fun. I don't know why, but I couldn't get into the BW:M plotline as well as I got into No Man's Land, but this story made me clap with glee. And Bats? So needed that kick.

Surprise! - Smitty
Category: Humor Archived: 7/11/01
Rating: PG   Continuity: Comic
Summary: Black Canary's birthday gets... strange.
Archivist's Comments: *grin* Oh, fun. Nightwing's butt gets mentioned. *snicker*

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